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Life is messy…In my life I’ve experienced many things. Through the years I have often referred to my life as a book full of many chapters. Each chapter carries with it bad, good, and some in-between. Some chapters I never want to end, but everything must have an ending just as it has its’ beginning.

Good friends and family have always been there to see me through the rough spots, but then I have to continue on my own in order to reach the next chapter of my life. No one can do it for you.

Hopefully, I have learned enough living through these chapters to get through to the next, and so on…But, there is always one thing I can never understand let alone learn. That something is how to tell who I trust and if they really are a true friend.

No matter how long I live I don’t believe I will ever understand how someone can be a friend to your face one minute and cut you to your core the next minute when your back is turned.I have been so blessed to have so many true friends in my life, but I still have to deal with the others who say they are my friend to my face but act differently when my face is turned.

My motto is always to be willing to say the same thing to someone’s face that I would say to someone else behind their back. Sadly this isn’t the way it works for many in this world.Sometimes I get hurt when I forget that not all are forthcoming and upright like I am with them.

It’s easy to tell someone else how to deal with it when someone hurts you. You say “Just let it roll off your back…” or “Don’t worry about it…”. My aunt always used to give me some of the best advice. She would say to me, “Melodye, allow in only the good and let the bad fall to your feet. Never allow negatives to enter, only positives…” I try to keep that one in all my chapters. However, what the little voice inside my head keeps saying is: I have lived 42 years without their opinion, and I surely can live another 42 years without it. It still hurts when you have given your all, laid it on the line only to find a true friend impostor has trampled on your heart and soul, let alone your character and good name.

So as I turn to another chapter in my book of life I ask myself this question: “Who really are my true friends and what part of me do I allow them to be involved in? Do I add their name to my list or should I just black ball them until I am sure they are worthy of my trust?” The answer is simple. You can’t tell a book by it’s cover. You must open each one and start reading a bit before you know whether it’s going to be a Best Seller or Basement Close-out.

Yes, I will continue to give my trust even if I don’t get it in return. Why you ask? A friend of mine pointed out just tonight when he said he knew what I would always do because I am a person who cares.

Now how can you argue with that?

What I learned as a Brownie in the Girl Scouts serves today as much as it did then…

“Make new friends, but keep the old, one is Silver and the Other Gold.”

As another chapter comes to a close I still don’t know the answers but I do know this; in MY Book of Life True Friends are hard to find and even harder to keep. I will continue to collect the Silver ones as well as the Gold ones and maybe I will strike it Rich before my Book of Life ends…