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When you meet someone in the street, in a store, or as you past someone by…do you smile and greet them or look away? Don’t answer that question. I already have seen first hand many, many times the answer. And, yes, I guess we all are guilty at times, me included, right? But, have you every wondered when your eyes ‘almost’ meet another’s what personal struggles that person may be going through at that very moment? I have, and what’s more, I have seen first hand both sides of that scenario.

Sometimes it’s hard to greet the next person you see with a smile when your entire day has been less than desirable. And, if that person doesn’t respond positively with you, do you allow it to ruin your day as well?

The smallest act of kindness is very underestimated I have found all too many times. How hard is it to give someone a shoulder to cry on when they are having a bad day, or just a touch or compliment to show you care…YES care for humanity if nothing else!

Okay, you are probably getting tired of me on my soapbox and playing twenty questions with you, but I do feel very strongly about this subject.

All too often we forget that the smallest gesture of kindness can make or break someone’s day. Are we too much in a hurry today that we cannot take our eyes off our IPhones a moment to give another human being a smile, a kind word, a compliment? 

I think if we could start real slow, and choose to give only a second to meet one new person’s eyes a day with a smile; or perhaps give a compliment to your waitress or clerk. Isn’t it a simple thing to do? I know it’s a personal goal for me.. and, it could be for you too..

Compassion I suppose, you got any?