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It’s been many years since I was in high school but I still remember those that tried to make my life miserable. Back then I thought I was the only one being harassed by girls that thought they were better than me. I always have been a very positive person and so instead of turning around and giving it back to them, I took it and ignored them. I thought all they wanted was a response and I was not going to give them what they wanted. So I took it. One girl would get on the school bus, find me and hit me as hard as she could in my arm EVERY DAY. I ignored her. Then, she would make sure her and her group of “friends” were sitting directly behind me in the auditorium and she would kick my chair during the entire performance we were called there to see.

I recently have found out that almost everyone I talk with had to put up with the same kind of juvenile treatment when they were in school. But as soon as I graduated high school I saw that the “gangs” in school meant nothing in the real world. I was very thankful to learn of this. People, for the most part, are treated according to their merits. Then there was Facebook!

Now, don’t get me wrong I love Facebook. I have many wonderful, positive friends that I enjoy sharing posts with and chats too when we can find the time. But there are a few that seem they have never grown up I’m sad to say.

Why do I say this? Well, there are those same type of trouble makers on Facebook I’m sorry to say. One of my daughters deleted her account just because of some of the ridiculous fights people try to reel you into on this site. I have begged her to come back to Facebook because I miss her. She refuses. So, when I recently had a couple of “high school” episodes on Facebook I of course shared it with my daughter. She asked me if these “altercations” were on Facebook. I had to admit with my head hung low that yes it was from Facebook.

Now there is the cutest TV commercial on lately. Have you seen it? It’s three grandmothers talking about saving money on their insurance. The one lady was so proud of her “wall” which she has taped all her family pictures on…yes her actual real wall in her house. When she then had a difference of opinion of one of her lady friends by her side, she turns and says “I unfriend you”… It’s very funny but now a way of life it seems.

I don’t like unfriending or even blocking people. I hate it actually. I enjoy all my friends Facebook or otherwise.

But, then again, if they are acting like that maybe they really aren’t my friends after all in High School or on Facebook…