I have the pleasure of watching my six-year-old granddaughter for Spring Break this week.

Let me just say right now, I’m having a blast. Yes, nothing is getting done around the house except for watching her favorite cartoons, snacking all day, and playing hide-and-seek with the cat, who isn’t aware, and certainly didn’t sign up to participate in this game! But, the household chores can wait because children and grandchildren don’t stay little that long! 

Grace Faith, (her middle name is the same as mine which makes me smile), has made up this game called: Treasure Hunting. She begins by mapping it out on her Etch-a-Sketch. Next, she has to make sure her coordinates are correct on her drawing; she even allows me to follow her finger along the curvy lines until she gets to the X. Now we are ready for the actual hunt. She runs ahead of me, after she’s chosen from MY STUFF the “treasure of day”. She yells ahead to let me know which room it’s in. As I search she tells me ‘closer’ or ‘warmer’ if I’m really close. Of course, I see the item as it’s the only out of place item in my house; but I keep up with the game a bit more. Finally, Eureka! I’ve found it! And, with that seemingly small amount of effort and enjoyment, her big smile of achievement, she’s already off on the next item on her agenda!

Next on HER list today is to visit her 96-year-old great-grandmother who lives only a couple blocks away. As we arrive, she eagerly attempts to open the door to SURPRISE her, but finds it locked! I could tell when she looked up to me she was the one who was SURPRISED! I could almost see her little mind moving as it quickly processes the situation. Suddenly she announces, “How can an old woman just take off like that?!”  

That was the cherry on top of my Day 2 of Spring Break. I just love how children view the world, a world us adults haven’t seen in a long, long time.  I can’t wait until tomorrow to see life again through a child’s eyes!