Does anyone really know what time it is?


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Time has come again to turn our clocks forward an hour. I hate losing an hour but love daylight savings time come Spring. I love it when I gain an hour in the Fall, but hate to go back to the short days and longer nights it brings with it.

I guess you might say I’m hard to please or never happy.  The truth is I just wish the powers that be would just pick one or the other and LEAVE IT ALONE!

Oh yeah some states do just that, and I commend them for that, but that makes things even more confusing because I can never remember which ones do and which ones don’t. Then you throw the time zones on top of that and WHEW!

So, you say, what’s my point to all this ranting??? Here it is:



But Mom, I Did IT On Purpose!!


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ImageI love it when children first learn to talk and their perceptions of words clearly are not correct . They are so cute! I remember when my daughter, Amanda, was not much more than two or three years old. She had discovered the word “purpose” and her meaning of the word was a little skewed. I would catch her hand in the cookie jar, for instance, and she would look up at me with that sweet smiling face and say, “But, Mom, I did it ON PURPOSE”. Now how can you argue with that?

Over the years I’ve come to look at those words “Doing It on Purpose” and what they really mean to me. Maybe my young daughter had it right way back then and it was ME that had things turned around. Sometimes parents can be taught by their children if they will only listen with their hearts and souls and not so much with their minds. I try to keep my mind open and do just that. So, what have I learned you might be asking right about now? I’ve learned plenty.

Instead of not doing it on purpose as the phrase should have said, I began looking at how I could do something on purpose, with meaning. I encourage you to try it sometime. The whole world might just turn completely around for you too.

What my innocent daughter showed me a new way to look at life and how I was living it. Instead of trying to NOT do something, I began doing everything ON and WITH PURPOSE. And, it has turned my life around, believe me.

It Seems Like Yesterday…


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Thirty-seven years ago today I was sitting in such a foreign place for a 22 year old; I was sitting in a mortuary in Atchison, Kansas, 9 months pregnant, with my family and friends surrounding me. We were all there to say farewell to my only child, Jeremy Ray Coots. We had been handed down the verdict on February 23rd that our son, who had been missing since February18th, had probably succumbed in the one degree frigid water of the muddy Missouri River south of Atchison, Kansas.

The Missouri River is a very treacherous body of water which moves at a rapid seven miles per hour. And, at the time, it was even more dangerous due to a recent break upriver of a record breaking  ice jam causing large, dangerous ice chunks to float downstream.

Nothing can prepare you for something like this, NOTHING.

Everyone expects to bury their grandparents.

Everyone expects to buy their parents.

NO ONE expects to bury their child.

When you lose a spouse you are referred to as a “widow” or “widower”, but there is NO NAME for someone who has buried their child. Why is that? I will tell you why…there are NO WORDS to describe that kind of pain. When you lose a child, it is like someone has ripped your arm right out of  our side…

However, looking on the picture as a whole, I forced myself to review some remarkable insights that I will share with you here.

It has only been in the last half of the last Century that this has been true. If you look back to the pioneer days, for example, you will discover that it was nothing for a family to have 15-20 children. But out of those children if 5 made it to adulthood that was doing pretty well. And the cause of these deaths were multiple: some fell in wells, some by accidents with farm animals, many lives were taken by diseases that had no vaccinations available, wars, and the list goes on and on…

Nonetheless, a history lesson is NOT what I needed as I sat there all alone, with people all around me, but no one in sight. I was just out there in the middle of a cloud of fog and disbelief…

That was 37 long years ago today; seems like only five. What has time taught me? It’s taught me that there are things within my control and things that are not. I keep my focus on what I can control and let God do the rest..

What Will YOU Give Up for Lent?


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Today is the first day of Lent, 2014. Lent is the 40-day season of preparation before Easter. It is a season of penance, reflection, and fasting which prepares us for Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

My religion believes that we should forgo something meaningful during this season in homage of Christ’s sacrifice of giving His life for our sins.

It is a very personal tradition which is still taken very seriously in a world where Religion isn’t always a popular topic.

But, this year, instead of concentrating on my fasting, I am going to concentrate on the path Christ took to his crucifixion. It is so easy to point out others’ sins, but very difficult to focus on our own.

The old adage “walk a mile in my shoes” doesn’t hold a candle to what Christ walked in his sandals for MY sins.
Upon my own reflections, this year I’m going to:

Work like I don’t need the money,
Love like I’ve never been hurt,
Sing like no one is listening,
Dance like no one is watching, AND
Praise the Lord like there’s no tomorrow…and remember
GOD IS LOVE, and if we just concentrate on that Love there will be NO sin!

Happiness Starts with YOU!


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Happiness…something that everyone strives to achieve, but how many really do achieve it? If you would take a poll I bet you would be surprised at how many people feel they have not attained Happiness.

People struggle all their lives for many commodities, acquisitions and lifetime achievements, but feel they are complete failures when it comes to attaining true happiness. But, why?

Many make it harder than it really is. Happiness is a CHOICE, yes, it’s that simple! In a split second the mind, body and soul can choose to be just that: HAPPY. There is no magic formula, no super pill, no advance course you have to take. You just decide it…

Sure we all have our own set of problems, but it’s the way we internally process these “problems” that creates how we feel. We choose to feel miserable, however, we have the same ability to determine there really are no problems and choose happiness instead.

So, if you see me on the street, or happen to check out my Facebook page, I hope you can share with me that YOU choose HAPPINESS! …and now you will know I do too!